Friday, 15 April 2016

How do I maintain my quarry stone tiles?

If you’re thinking about having a lovely floor laid or are just about to go ahead and book the tiler, you’ll want to make sure, that when the job is ‘done and dusted’ the floor retains its luster.  

Quarry tiles are beautiful coloured and robust tiles, often used in areas that will get high traffic and mucky boots such as the hallway, kitchen, conservatory.  A little regular care can keep them in good condition.

How to maintain my quarry stone tiles

How to clean quarry tile floors:


Clean your tiles with a good vacuum cleaner – but be sure your hoovering doesn't drag dirt and stones across the floor as this will scratch the tiles. Use the hose if possible, with a brush attachment if you have one.

How do I maintain my quarry stone tiles?


Invest in a good mop, bucket and cleaning product is the key:

Mop Head: Use a Clean good Quality mop – it makes a big difference to the outcome.

Mop Bucket: 

A 2 compartment mop bucket is great, one side has the solution and will eventually get dirty during use, and then the second side with clean water will be ready to rinse the mop.

Finally, how to clean the floor: 
Rinse your clean mop head in the rinse water and wring it out – Now dip about 3 – 4 inches of your mop head into the cleaning solution and use this to start mopping the floor in a side to side motion working the mop in a figure 8 over the floor. 

Do about 4 – 6 foot and then rinse your mop in the rinse water. Dip the tips into the cleaner and repeat as above. Carry on till the floor is clean. For large areas you might need to empty your rinse water and top up with clean water. Ensure you do not leave lots of moisture on the floor. You can wipe your floor with towels to ensure watermarks aren’t left behind.

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