Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Rust marks on carpet ... Art of Clean have the solution

Plumbing and radiators are two words, I'm not fond of, as I've learnt from experience, plumbing + radiators = leaks.

And for the first time, just recently, I did a bit of DIY radiator installation, 18 of those beautiful white concertinaed metal structures, to be precise.  Yes, 18, very proud of that!

I found the process of fitting radiators was quite fun and methodical, but once they are all fitted, it's the air testing that makes any novice or professional plumbers heart sink.

I remember the day we decided to fill the radiators with water, quite vividly.  We had gone round the house to do all the necessary checks, such as tightening bolts and air pressure testing and sticking ones ear to the pipes, listening out for any hissing sounds. Very scientific!

Air pressure tests complete, we were ready to turn on the water and fill the radiators.  So with jam-jars, cloths and breakfast bowls at the ready and with a few other family members to help. The water was finally turned on.  But no matter how much air pressure testing we did, we ended up running round the house to capture the water from leaking pipes. And buoy, did they leak!!

Disappointment and long faces followed, as what was going to be a couple of hours to test and turn on water, turned out to be a whole day of frustration and re-tightening bolts!

Several months on from my fiasco and the radiators are doing as they should, but just to be on the safe side, we're down a few breakfast bowls, as they are still under the radiator pipes.

I was fortunate, as I have pine wooden floorboards, so if any water dripped from the pipes, it could be easily wiped away, but when your radiators leak onto carpet, that's a different matter.  If the radiator is left to leak, a horrible rust mark will build up, which could leave a permanent stain on the carpet but on a recent job in Cambridge, we were really pleased with the results.

Detail of rust mark on carpet

Rust mark removed

Final application

Rust mark removed

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