Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Moths: Invasion of the carpet munchers

Last week, Gavin our Art of Clean Service Technician was sent out on a straight forward carpet cleaning job to Cambridge. Our client didn't want the furniture to be moved, but it was soon apparent to Gavin that there was something different to carpet he was cleaning. As he moved the curtains and cleaned the carpet, large parts of the carpet came away from the edge. This wasn't anything to do with the strength of the vacuum cleaner but on closer inspection it was clear that the carpet had been infested with moths and their larvae.

carpet infested with moth larvae

The moths had been obviously happy eating away at the carpets, undisturbed for an unspecified amount of time and had they not been discovered, then they would have carried on.

infested carpet

To complete the carpet clean, Gavin used Chemspec for wool fibre treatment spray around the edges of the room, which will stop any reinfestation.

after carpet has been cleaned

Fortunately, moths are not a health risk, but they can cause enormous amount of damage to clothes, carpets and other fabrics in your home. As soon as you see the tell-tale holes, or spot the larvae, then take action.

There are a number of steps you can take to get rid of moths. Source the root of the problem. Check wardrobes, chest of drawers or cupboard. It will be apparent when you locate the problem as you'll see where most of the damage is. 

Regular vacuuming of the infected area to remove all the larvae. Wash all your clothes and soft furnishings in the infected area, such as blankets and bed sheets.

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