Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Flood damaged floor - remarkable transformation

However old your house is, whether it's a contemporary build or something a little bit more classic, as with fashion, our tastes and styles change over time.  One year we like particular decorating techniques and architectural features, such as cast-iron fireplaces, but one mainstay in fashion is the humble floorboards, which has transcended the generations of house building and Cambridge city has its fair-share.

Art of Clean flood damaged floor

So when Art of Clean, had been called out on their latest job, they new just what was needed to restore and bring new life into the flood damaged pine floorboards.

On  first call-out to assess the situation.  As the floor had been flooded and left to dry out, the edges of the boards had cupped very badly.  A moisture metre reading was taken and a normal reading, should be between 7-11%.  When our technicians took the reading, the result was 25-35%, which was far too wet to start any work.

It was decided the floor needed to be left to dry out further.  And for an additional two weeks, our client was given a dehumidifier, to advance the process of drying.

Art of Clean stripping the wood back to its natural colour
On our second visit to the clients home, our service technicians, Nathan and Ben had to use several specialist sanding tools, including a belted edged and rotex sanding machine, followed by flexi sander, to smooth out the edges and strip the boards back to their original colour.  This can make the boards look very pale and even colourless. But don't worry.  As soon as you add a clear wood finishing product like a stain or varnish, that warm golden colour will come flooding through.  Our client had requested a dark brown oil, to seal the floor.  We used Pellman Magic Oil 2K Colour, which we carry as on board stock.

As the pine floorboards were modern, possibly laid down in the 1980s, this age of pine is acceptable to apply stains.

The floor had also been 'water popped' before we left to accept more colour into the grain before the final application.

Finished floor, oiled and waxed

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