Tuesday, 10 November 2015

3 things you shouldn’t do when getting stains from your carpet

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When settling down to a lovely, lazy Friday night (it’s been a tough week and you’re giving the discotheque a break), it’s not unheard of for you to enjoy the delights of a cultural delicacy; usually from the Indian restaurant around the corner. Now, laden with spicy, molten, sloppy food, it’s not always easy to find your way down onto your soft sofa without a little spillage.

So, let’s assume the dog jumped on your lap, you stepped on a child’s plaything or you’re generally a clumsy clot and as such, your lovely carpet now sports an unintended stain inducing accessory.

We’d always recommend you called the professionals. Art of Clean are masters in the removal of those unsightly, unwanted stains.

Of course, you might not think you need our help. No problem, but we would advise you read our top tips, just so your efforts do not go in vain.

Here are the three things you actually shouldn't use on your carpet when trying to remove those troublesome stains.

1 – Bleach.

OK, you probably guessed that one. Shy of a clog in the sink or an unsightly stain in the tub or toilet, it’s best to steer clear of bleach on your carpet. Of course, if you did in fact spill bleach and not a delicious veggie korma on your rug, I’d call Art of Clean.

Bleach has a nasty tendency to strip things of their colour and leave a rather unsightly blot on your prize centre-piece carpet.

  carpet cleaning cambridge art of clean

2 – Industrial Cleaners.

The more you scrub, the less good you’ll do. Carpets are notorious for sucking-up and holding onto whatever comes their way. The fibres fray and tear if you rub and scrub repeatedly.

3 – Laundry Detergent.

Works a treat of your ‘unmentionables’, softens even the toughest of crusty marks, but using a laundry detergent on your carpet or rug is definitely a no-no. All you’ll get is a soapy mess on the carpet, chances are it’ll spread the stain and all the while your takeaway is going cold.

For the things you should use to remove those pesky stains; call us, We’ll just do it for you in a Jif…Cif. Ha ha ha. Have a look at our spotting product!

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