Friday, 8 May 2015

The Cambridge Guide to Choosing a Wood Floor Sanding Company

professional wood floor sanding company cambridge
Once you've ditched the carpet and forgone the feeling of fibers underfoot, it's time to think about a new set of cleaning considerations. Unlike carpets that can cope with a quick vac once-a-day, wooden floors require careful attention and that's the sort of attention only a professional can provide.

Maintaining a dust free surface is something everyone is can do with a little bit of effort, but a proper care package requires regular sanding and buffing. A wooden floor is living surface that grows tried with age and the only way to give it a new lease of life is to enlist the help of the professionals (not the TV crime fighting duo from the seventies).

Cambridge is known for its period properties and wooden floors, which means there is a slew of sanding companies in the area. However, separating the smooth operators from the rough riders isn't easy. Fortunately, there's a simple process you can go through in order to you ensure you choose the best wooden floor sanding company in Cambridge:

Equipment: To complete a professional job you need professional equipment and without it the chances of your wooden floor being revived to its full potential are slim. When you're choosing a wood sanding company in Cambridge, make sure it's not someone with a piece of sandpaper and a can of polish.

Cost: Everyone likes a bargain, but the cost of sanding a floor isn't cheap. That doesn't mean you should be paying over the odds, but a professional wood sanding company, especially one in the upper end of Cambridge, will command a fair price tag. As a general rule, a company charging £20 for a room should be avoided because you won't be getting a quality service.

Dust: Aside from the finished product, the key to restoring a wooden surface is managing the dust. Any company worth using will employ the latest dust collection techniques to ensure that all your surfaces stay clean. All the best wood sanders use equipment that contains dust dampeners so that your room stays gleaming throughout.

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