Monday, 2 February 2015

How to save your commercial wood floor from scratches?

Wooden floors are beautiful and last more than a lifetime....if they are looked after correctly!

It is a laborious and timely job to have your floors sanded and re-sealed, and this eats into the profits of your business - especially if you have to close your doors for a day or two to get the job done!  So good floor maintenance is a must to ensure that your floor stays clean and beautiful for longer.  Most of the damage comes from scratches which can be caused by shoes, grit and dirt, and  moving furniture - particularly the scraping of chairs.

How to maintain your wooden floor:

  • Get a good entry mat - stopping the dirt at the door is the best start.  If you place a big choir mat at all the entrances you will catch a good portion of dirt that people trample in with their shoes.  This is particularly important if your business is by the sea where you risk abrasive sand being traipsed across the floor; also grit/salt used to de-ice roads and pavements can be incredibly destructive to your wooden floor so a good mat is a real must have.
  • Clean your floor regularly - in a busy store you ideally want to clean your floor every day, at least around the main walk ways.  A good sweep or vacuum at least would be beneficial, however a quick mopping wouldn't go a miss especially if the if sand of de-icing grit has been walked in.
  • Protect your floors from furniture scratches - in cafes and restaurants this can be on of the most destructive elements for your floor as people drag their chairs back and forth.  To prevent this damage simply place felt pads under the lets of chairs and tables, the felt will glide along the floor leaning no damage.  Check the pads every couple of months for wear and tear, replace if necessary - replacing pads regularly will cost a great deal less than having to have your floors sanded!
New felt pad attached to chair leg to prevent further scratches to the wooden floor

Old felt pads that have long worn away will scratch the wooden floor

The felt pads under the tables and chairs are practically unnoticeable, but the improvement they make to the floor will not go unnoticed by the business owners!

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