Monday, 2 February 2015

Chain stitch rug

Chain stitch rugs are embroidered rugs, not created with loom like more conventional handmade rugs.  They are hand embroidered onto a fabric backing.  These rugs are higthly sought after for their beautiful and vibrant images.  These rugs are just as often used as wall hangings rather than floor coverings so as to preserve the wonderful work of the artist. 

The design is stenciled onto the material as a guide for the highly skilled embroiderer to work from, this is a a detailed and lengthy process.  Chain stitch rugs that do not cover the entire material (usually with highly aesthetic floral designs), that allow some of the backing material to show through is known as Crewel embroidery.

Chain stitch embroidery need only be sewn through one layer of base material, usually a hessian or cloth material, so these rugs can be very delicately thin which is why they are supported by a cloth lining.

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