Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Truth of Pine Floors

There’s a lot of opinions out there regarding different types of flooring and installation. We always recommend you understand all your options fully before making any final decisions. To help in your research, we’ve debunked some common Pine Flooring myths below:

Myth: Pine floors are not durable enough for high traffic areas.

Truth: Pine is a wonderful choice for the entire home, including high-traffic areas. There are different species of Pine that hold up better in certain conditions – for example, Eastern White Pine is one of the softer woods, though also one of the most beautiful, and has held up in entryways and living areas of homes since the 1700’s. Red Pine and Southern Yellow Pine floors offer a similar light patina and feel as the Eastern White, and are a bit harder, allowing for maximum abuse with little wear.

Myth: I can’t install a Pine floor over radiant heat.

Truth: Engineered Pine is the perfect solution to both rooms with radiant heat as well as basements. Available in various species, widths and grades, Engineered Pine is resistant to the temperature and moisture fluctuations of these atmospheres. Once installed, it is impossible to discern the Engineered Pine from a solid wood floor, allowing the beauty of Pine in any area of your home.

Myth: Plank Pine flooring will cup and split with changes in weather.

Truth: Plank Pine Flooring is manufactured and kiln dried specifically to withstand changes in humidity and temperature with little to no movement. Your installer will allow the floor to acclimate for 2-3 weeks in its environment before installation to ensure the floors are well adapted to their new home. Proper subfloor and installation will finalize the process, creating a beautiful new Pine floor to last for generations.

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