Monday, 15 December 2014

Steer clear of cheap Terracotta floor tiles

Terracotta is a traditional product created from the the elements of nature - Earth, Fire and Water.  Terracotta has been used for millennia, most famously to create the Terracotta Army - the burial protectors of the first Emperor of China back around 210-209 BCE.

Quality terracotta floors can last more than a lifetime, but not all terracotta tiles are made equally so be sure to do your homework before you make a commit to making the investment.

What to look for?

  • Price - although price cannot always be an indicator of quality you can be assured that businesses that have an "Amazingly Low Price" will also have amazingly low quality.  These tiles will likely be bulked out with other substances to keep production costs low. Grit and sawdust are most commonly used bulking products, these will greatly reduce the tiles durability and will develop cracks, and chip easily when objects are dropped on them.
  • Weight - Cheaper terracotta tiles are made using liquid clay that is full of small bubbles.  Handmade and high quality terracotta tiles are made using dense lumps of clay to fill the mould, the density of these will give it much more weight.  Bubbles in the tiles will create a honeycombe effect in the tile makes it much weaker.
  •  Handmade - Handmade terracotta tiles will be traditionally created using good quality, pure clay.  You can tell apart handmade tiles by taking a closer look at them - straight uniform edges and smooth glass like surface indicate mass production.

Find handmade quality Terracotta tiles at Norfolk Pamments

Or find quality Terracotta tiles at Fired Earth, found locally on Christ's Lane, Cambridge.

Once you have your beautiful floor remember - regular maintenance and annual cleaning and protection are important to preserve the longevity of your floor.

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