Friday, 19 December 2014

Sanding and oiling wooden floor at Church Hall in Bar Hill Cambridgeshire

The Church hall in Bar Hill received a sanding and oiling last week, just in time to welcome worshippers for the most holy of Christian celebrations - Christmas.

It took some work, there were two coats of sealer used - firstly an oil-based sealer followed by a water-based sealer.  As we all know - oil and water don't mix and this meant that the layers had begun to flake (see first 2 images).
 Oil-based sealer followed by water-based sealer = flaking!
 You can see the patchy effect of the flaking
 After sanding the wooden floor back we were left with a beautiful 5 finger parquet floor to seal
 Using Pullmanns Magic Oil to seal and protect the floor, the woods natural beauty began to shine through
 Paul is using the blade oiling technique to distribute the oil.  This needs to be done quickly so that it doesn't have time to dry - else layering will occur which will give an uneven finish.
Nathan is buffing the floor to work in the oil and remove excess.

 The parquet floor looked stunning afterwards.  Unfortunately the pictures don't quite do it justice, however we know the congregation at Bar Hill Church will be very pleased with the superb results.
  No more flaky floor

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