Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Men botch cleaning to avoid doing chores according to new research

" No surprises there!" I hear the ladies shout

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New research has revealed that almost a third of men in Lincolnshire deliberately do a bad cleaning job to avoid being asked to do it again in the future.

Compiled by bathroom retailer Victoria Plumb, the statistics show that cleaning the bath and shower, washing up and even hanging clothes out to dry are among the chores men are most likely to botch.

Despite this, two thirds of women don’t trust their partner to do the cleaning anyway, with 60 per cent even claiming they would rather their other half left it to them to take care of.

From the 2,000 Brits surveyed by Victoria Plumb, the majority of men found their plan worked with one in four saying they never get asked to help out and 64 per cent saying they now only get the occasional request from their significant other.

Adam Chard, bathroom specialist from Victoria Plumb, said: “Most men will admit they don’t always pull their weight when it comes to the cleaning, but it’s worrying to see so many purposely do a bad job and spending more time on their smartphones while on the loo.

“No one enjoys cleaning, especially the most hated chores like cleaning the bathroom, and it’s likely that your partner wants to avoid having to do it as much as you do,” he added.

We have to say though, when you pay a man to do a job he will all of a sudden be able to do it rather well!  They say an electricians house is the worst wired, and a mechanics car is the worst maintained!

Thankfully for us our team of gentlemen do a fantastic job and we are very pleased with their work.... so we'd like to say to their wives and girlfriends ~ Your floors may never get sanded, and those carpet stains will be there for a while....we're sorry for that!

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