Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Home Cleaning Schedule - to do lists help with managing your day, and can relieve stress!

We all have very busy lives these days, and the hours of the day seem to slip by at an unprecedented rate.

Too often we plan in our minds all the things we are going to achieve today and before you know it its 9pm at night and all you want to do it hit the sack.

I know I used to do a lot of my cleaning in the evening as I scramble to fit in my mental list of chores before bed - along with a great number of others that seem to pop up along the way.

However, since I started working with lists I seem to manage my time a lot more effectively.  Having my chores down on a piece of paper seems to make them appear much less overwhelming than having them bounce around my mind.  I can plainly see what needs doing and often tick off a few here and there throughout the day around my other commitments.

You great a deal of satisfaction to see the list quickly disappear, and you'd be surprised just how quickly they get done.

Below I've attached a great cleaning schedule that will help you keep your house in shape throughout the week taking up just about an hour of your day.

Having a schedule can also help your relationship.  One of the leading issues in a relationships the division of chores.  Having a clear list of responsibilities that you have both agreed on will give you a sense of fairness.  Remember, no-one is perfect and we can't do it all so work with each others strong points.

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