Monday, 1 December 2014

Carpet Resoiling

" Do your carpets become dirty more quickly after they have been cleaned?"

The answer is Yes....and No.  To explain this I have broken the information into different sections here for you......


Carpets will naturally loose a small amount of their pile over time due to wear and tear, the cleaning process will remove this shed pile and the pile density will no longer be so great (this is only marginal and will not be a visible change).  Due to the slightly smaller pile mass there will be proportionately less surface area for the soil to hide in and so the carpet may appear soiled sooner.  However the cleaning process did not actually cause soil to accumulate faster.

Another point to consider is that even the very best carpet cleaners will not remove ALL of the soiling, there will still be a little residual soiling, which will mean the carpet will be that degree of soiled to start out, so yes it may seem that the carpets will soil faster to a small degree.  But this is not due to the cleaning process.


On a technical side, if the process is done correctly, the actual cleaning process should not cause the carpets to retain soil any faster.  Modern industrial standard solution will not leave a sticky residue like the old shampoos used to, once dry they do not attract soil.  The only time that the cleaning process can actually be the cause of rapid re-soiling is if the incorrect solution has been used, or the solution has not been used in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

Modern water extraction carpet cleaning systems (handled by a competent technician) are also very efficient at removing the solution from the carpet.

To ensure your carpets have the best treatment it is best to employ a carpet cleaner that is certified.  They have a strict code of practice to adhere to and are trained to the highest standard.  Look for their industry certifications from companies such as NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) or IICRC (Institue of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate)

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