Wednesday, 3 December 2014

#3 - In the advent of Christmas we are giving 24 reasons to have your carpet cleaned

It's just 22 days until Christmas!



With family coming round it's time to get the house looking it's best.  In order to prepare your home for their arrival, at the top of your "to do" list should be getting your carpets cleaned.  We're going to give you 24 festive reasons to have tour carpet cleaned.....

Reason #3

Removing ingrained dog/cat hair, dander and scent so house smells fresh for guests


We love our pets, and often they get away with murder just by giving your those big dowy-eyes.  I know mine do!

We get so used to our lovely fury friends being around that we may not notice they do to our homes.  

  • A wet smelly dog can leave quite an odor - especially if they sneakily make their way to the carpet and had a good roll around!! 

  • An anxious kitty may have left a widdle somewhere on the carpet that has a lingering smell that our noses just don't notice anymore.

  •  Hair and dander become ingrained in the carpet fibers and vacuuming doesn't get down deep enough


    Getting your carpets cleaned will give you the peace of mind that when little-ones come to visit they can sit, roll, crawl on the floor and you needn't worry about whats down there with them.


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