Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What every rug owner needs to know

Supermarket hired machines and cleaning solutions can permanently damage your rug.

Rugs are an investment for your home and can be expensive. You would not clean a Picasso painting with washing up liquid so why use a cheap cleaner on your expensive rug.
Poor rug cleaning can lead to dye bleeding, shrinkage and odor. This isn't always easily corrected. Find out how to avoid these problems and not destroy your expensive rug. If your thinking about being your own rug doctor it could lead to disaster.

A few key points when cleaning rugs successfully,

* Dry soil removal
* Check colours don't bleed
* Rapid drying

Don't Turn It Muddy

Why hired cleaning machines don't give a rug a full deep clean that your rug deserves, is simple. The main important process in rug cleaning is dry soil removal. If you don't remove the dry soil from a rug before cleaning, all your are doing is spraying water and cleaning solution down on top of "dust".
What happens when dust gets wet? it turns to mud. And mud is very difficult to remove from rugs and carpets.

What we do at Plymouth Rug Cleaning is very simple but highly effective for full cleaning of rugs. We use our Rugbadger to vibrate out up to 80% of all dry soil in your rug. This means we are cleaning the fibres of the rug and not making mud.

Don't let it  Bleed
Its very important to check the fastness of dyes in the rug. Yes on the label of your chosen machine and cleaning products, it will say test in an inconspicuous area before cleaning. But lets be honest here how many people would do this.

We test every colour in the rug, starting with the colours most likely to bleed, reds,blues and blacks. We then set the dyes as best we can and then clean the rug. The non-colour fast dyes will set in lighter colours, ie ivory, in the drying process if they are not treated.

Dry It Quick
It's very important to make sure the rug after cleaning is dried quickly. If you have used hot water to clean with, the theory is it will dry faster, but, hot water will make the colours bleed more then cold water.

No matter how much water you put on the rug to clean it, the water has to be extracted out. This will avoid dye bleed, shrinkage, odour, mould, mildew and damage to the structure of your rug.

Its always safer for your rug to have it professionally cleaned by someone who has been trained and understands the structure, fibre and cleaning techniques.

Find out more about how and why we clean rugs the way we do at our YouTube channel. Please follow this link Rug Cleaning Videos

You can also find more information at our website follow the link here to take you too it Rug Cleaning.

 Sourced from: http://www.plymouthrugcleaning.co.uk

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