Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Get your car or van ready for winter?

Gail from Art of Clean checks our vans are ready for the road - nice work Gail!
 The guys know they are in safe hands.

Winter is a treacherous time for vehicles with mud and ice on the roads, restricted visibility from fog and heavy rains.  Our vehicles are out on the roads every day cleaning in Cambridge, from Ely to Saffron Walden, Bury St. Edmunds to Huntington so we need to make sure that they are ready for what the roads and weather has to throw at them.

It is important to check your vehicles oil and water regularly especially, if you are driving a lot of miles.  Ans as winter descends on us we need to make our vehicles ready for the drop in temperature.   
Below is a guide to what help you prepare your vehicle for winter:

  • Coolant antifreeze - This is very cheap to buy and is crucial to your engine in low temperatures, without it you risk your vehicles radiators and pipes freezing up and this can cause some major (and expensive) damage.  The coolant level should be between the minimum and maximum pointers on the coolant container - if you are unsure visit your local garage and they will more than likely check it for free.
  • Screen wash - ensure you have winter screen wash in your system as this contains antifreeze (with protection down to -10 or -20 degrees depending on how cold your area gets), when you have an icy windshield in the frosty mornings this will help break it down - and when washing your windshield the fluid wont instantly freeze in the frosty air!  A good quality wash works best, else the washer pump may freeze.
  • Wiper blades - check they are not damages and are cleaning your windshield effectively.
  • Tyres - check they have reasonable tread and have no cracks or bulges.  With all the water, ice and snow on the road aquaplaning and skidding is a real risk, tyres with good tread will give you grip and keep you safer in such conditions.  Winter tyres are advisable if you live in an area that is heavily affected by snow.
  • Car battery - This is very important and according to the RAC is the main cause of all call outs for rescue during winter.  Have your battery checked to enure it has decent power.  Starting the car will drain the battery more the colder the climate.  Batteries have a limited life span of anything from 3+ years depending on the quality of the battery.

**** Start your car and let it run for a few minutes before you leave so that it can warm up and clear the windows. Most importantly give yourself more time than normal to complete your journey in case of bad weather and poor driving conditions. ****

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