Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Water marks on wood floor - use suitable tray under pot plants

 Protecting your wood floor from water staining from your pot plants

Here is a real issue to wooden floors - water.  Wood is a porous material which will absorb water if it is left sitting on the floor long enough.  Mopping is not such an issue as you will use only a small amount of hot water which will dry quickly.  The issue is when the water sits for some time and the worst place for this in most homes is under plant pots.

Here you can see the damage that is caused from moisture entering the wood...

To prevent this damage use plastic trays under your pots so they wont leak, and do not over water. 

If you have sustained this damage to your wood floors you will need the to be sanded and protected.  The sanding will take the wood back to an unaffected level and the protection applied will give an amount of water resistance to the wood to help prevent this occurring again. 

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