Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Stop your cat scratching

It's so annoying when your beloved pet destroys your home.

When we catch them our instinct is to tell them off...which works...kind of.  Momentarily at least, when your back is turned they will happily sneak back there!

Favorite spots are:

How to stop your cats from scratching?

You can't STOP them exactly as it is a natural instinct.  They do it to shed the old claw casing, to mark territory, and to exercise.  Your cat WILL scratch so the only answer is to deter them from using your home.

Firstly and most importantly you will need:

Scratching posts
These will give the cat an alternative to scratch, so put them in a place where they frequent often and close to the area they already frequent.  Putting them in an area that suits you wont necessarily attract your cat! 


Discourage them from the areas they have been using.  You can use a number of methods which all focus on making the old scratching area nu-appealing:

  • Wrap scratched area in foil or something similar - the cat will not like the new sensation
  • Apply double-sided sticky tape - this again will give the can an unpleasant sensation
  • Clean area with citrus - this works two-fold as the cats scent will be removed (removing the territorial aspect) and cats have an aversion to citrus odors.
***De-clawing cats is not recommended***  
However claw trimming is fine as long as it's done correctly

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