Saturday, 4 October 2014

The first horse and carriage vacuum cleaner - revolutionising housework!

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These days house hold chores are arderous, but not nearly as much as they used to be.

Where would we be without hot water on tap? Or a washing machine?

In 1902 Cecil Booth revolutionized cleaning with the invention of the first Vacuum cleaner.  What an invention! Probably one of my favorites,  Would we have carpets if we didn't have a vacuum cleaner....I certainly wouldn't. Just think of all the dirt and dust they would acquire, and what a pain it would be to remove.

Booth made the revelation that perhaps beating and brushing the carpets weren't the best methods to clean carpets as this kicked up quite a cloud of mess.  He believed that instead of blowing the dirt out of the carpets you should suck it out.  What a revelation!

Booth built a horse-drawn carriage transport his machine that ran on petrol.  The carriage would draw up by the customers house and, with 800 feet hoses, they could suck the dirt out of the soft furnishings in the homes.

Technology has come far to give us the modern day vacuum cleaner.

But I do see a similarity with Booths old vacuum cleaner wagon and the current state of the art truck mounted systems we currently employ to clean peoples homes!

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