Friday, 3 October 2014

First Phase of Colosseum Restoration Complete

 The first stage of the Colosseum’s restoration has been completed, the Colosseum director Rossella Rea announced last week, adding that the first five restored arches will be unveiled on July 7. Restoration work began last September on the area most blackened by modern-day chemical agents. The north arches are those closest to traffic and therefore the ones with thicker deposits of black coating caused by pollution. Through the cleaning system, which uses no chemicals but ordinary Roman water directed at varying intensities from a few centimeters away, the ancient color of the Colosseum’s travertine stone is slowly resurfacing. Architect Gisella Capponi, the Colosseum restoration site manager, has described the overall hue as “amberish”.   Completion of the €25M restoration work on the Colosseum, which is funded by Tod’s CEO Diego Della Valle,  is expected in five years.

 Written by:
 Silvia Donati
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