Saturday, 18 October 2014

Considerations when choosing Limestone floor tiles

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed mostly of calcium carbonate or dolomite. From contemporary chic to rustic warmth, our range of limestone tiles has something for all interiors. You can choose from dozens of stones and finishes right across the colour spectrum, from light cream to brown, blue, grey and black.
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Limestone floor tiles can be a striking design feature to a room, with may colours to work with you can tailor your floor to create the atmosphere you wish to make.  However, there are some limitations to limestone and you may want to look past the aesthetics and take account of the practical aspects of limestone before you make your final decision.

When choosing your floor you must consider it as an investment.  The cheaper option may seem practical at the time however in the long run you want  a product that will last you a lifetime.  Being a natural product limestone varies and can be quite porous.  This can be an issue as over time they will wear and develop a patina.  Harder limestone will last longer which is why may reputable stone tile merchants will only provide hard limestone.  Be sure to ask before you buy.

Some other questions you will want to ask your stone provider before buy are:
  • "Is this limestone suitable for flooring in a kitchen/bathroom/hallway" (insert as appropriate) - this will be important as each room will have different challenges for the tiles e.g. bathroom tiles will need to be able to handle regular hydration.
  • Will my tiles all come from the same batch?  -  you will preferably want your tiles to come from the same batch else there may be colour variation if sources from different locations.
  • Will my tiles be sealed? - Sealing will fill in the pours so that the stone does not absorb all that lands on it, making it easier to clean.

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