Friday, 12 September 2014

Wood Floor Sanding and Sealing at the British Racing School Newmarket

Art of clean were recently asked to visit the prestigious British Racing School in Newmarket to renovate the wooden floors in the bar area.  Due to years of frolicking at the bar, spilt beverages and lots of foot traffic had left the usual wear and tear on the beautiful hardwood floor.

Finished with lacquer and Pullmann extreme with hardener:
Upon inspecting the job we found that the previous floor sanding company had cut a few corners to make life a little easier perhaps, or because they didn't have the training and experience to know better.  Either way, were told they charged  a very low price, so it's true "you only get what you pay for".

Spotting poor craftsmanship on wooden floors:
  • Chatter - Ruts along floorboards due to machine being unbalanced due to poor machine maintenance
  • Drum marks - Grooves at the edge of boards due to poor machine control using a drum sander.

The main issue we had, as can be seen in this image, is the drum marks around the edge of the room, especially around the radiator.  The previous "technicians" didn't sand anything beyond this point so this area of the wooden floor was not refinished along with the rest, leaving a shoddy finish to the room.  At Art of Clean we use a belt sander to ensure we have more control sanding the floorboards, and on those hard to reach areas we use a long nose edge sander so that the whole floor is prepared for refinishing.  The results can be seen in the image below.

Our highly trained technicians took extra care on these spots to ensure that the entire floor was fully cared for.  We are proud of the results they achieved.

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