Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Preparing your renovation project for the carpet clean

Running a restoration project on a short timeline can sometimes pose a problem as this can lead to trades people working in each others way and this can have a great effect of the efficiency of the trades’ people.

Here are a few pointers to help you plan ahead:

Choose the right people
Look at previous work they have done, speak to their previous clients and look at their profiles and work online. Ask direct questions such as "have they worked on projects to a strict timelines before?"

Allow for a contingency
If a builder say it will take 10 days add 20% extra time on.  Then you know 12 days may be a more realistic goal.

Work top to bottom
If you are going to have your carpets cleaned or wood floor sanded and the room decorated – let the painter/decorator do his work first!  Leave the skirting boards until last as in some cases sanding or carpet cleaning up to the edge of the floor can leave light scuff marks.

Note: If electrical work needs to be done and ladders have to stand on the floor – get it done before the floor gets cleaned or sanded.

Make your plan clear to every trade’s person on the project – Let them know the timescale (share your contingency time allowed carefully, it will certainly get used up if they are aware of it!)

And importantly, work out a budget and stick to it.  Just like your time your budget is important.

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