Friday, 26 September 2014

A very successful brick colour enhancement

How to make your brick walls look fresh again? Brick colour enhancement is a great way to get your brick walls looking fresh and practically new again.

Most exposed brick facades are generally found in conservatories, where some damp and moisture can accumulate, leading to residue and discoloration of the bricks.  Another common place to find bricks within homes is around a fireplace, the soot and smoke can also create discoloration of the bricks.  If you have chosen to put a log burning stove in place, as many people are opting for these days, you may want to have your fireplace cleaned and enhanced to restore the bricks beautiful colour.

We had a request from one of our clients to do just this and you can see the great results that were achieved....

Successful colour matching meant that the brick colours look natural and practically unhampered with.

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