Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How to find the right professional carpet or upholstery cleaner

Its time you get the cleaners in to refresh or restore your favorite family sofa or the carpets in your home. After several years of use it looks like it can do with a new lease of life. Now finding a cleaner you can trust and making out witch one to choose is a challenge in its own.

So many contradicting pieces of advice and so many promises … where do you start and what do you look for?

Well it's really straight forward and here are the steps you should take:

Be clear on your objective

Do you want just a surface clean to spruce the item up or do you want to ensure the cleaning is as deep through as it can be?

Compile a list of potential cleaners
A good place to start is on the Industry Training websites.  It is a bit like looking for a gas engineer, you will find all the good ones on the gas safe register!
We recommend you head over to the websites www.ncca.co.uk (National Carpet Cleaners Association) and also the www.iicrc.org (Institute for Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification) To be a member of these organisations you always need to keep up with further training and keep
your insurance current.
****Don't just rely on somebody stating they are Trained! This is a statement anyone can make*** To be a member of these organisations you always need to keep up with further training and keep your insurance current.

Make contact
Did you struggle to get through? Were they polite and helpful? If they we're unobtainable or unapproachable then remove them from your list right away - just think, if something went wrong would this person be prepared to make amends?

Invite the companies round for a formal quote
If they give you a quote over the phone and haven't seen what they are working with then remove them from the list. How would they be able to recognise the carpets might shrink and how would they know your upholstery is wet-cleanable if they did not see it?

You should now have a reduced list.  Here are a few more things to watch out for:

  • Did they confirm they are coming?
  • Do they turn up on time?
  • Do they treat your home with respect?
  • Do you feel comfortable with them?

Now the technical side

What cleaning system do they use?
Shaw,  the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, recommends hot water extraction or steam cleaning as its also known.  Be careful, some firms use small portable extraction cleaners that are not only totally under powered but also circulates the dirty air within your home leaving you with a very unhealthy living environment.

What's your guarantee?
Does the company offer a guarantee? What happens if you are unhappy about the clean? Don't be afraid to ask, sit back and make sure you are happy with the answer.

Are they trained
When last did they attend training? Some firms send staff on one course then expect them to know it all.  IICRC registered firms (take note – being IICRC trained is not the same as being an IICRC registered firm) are required to keep up to date with training.


“SPY ON THEM” – yes that’s right – Spy on them – With the modern age you can easily find out a lot about people and companies – Search their Facebook page – look at LinkedInGoogle+ and YouTube

Now should have a very good understanding of the businesses available to you and what they can offer.  For more information regarding our services contact our friendly team on 01223 863632, or access our website at www.artofclean.co.uk