Tuesday, 16 September 2014

4 reasons to have your carpets, rugs and upholstery protected

Spills and marks can easily deteriorate your precious fine fabrics and furnishings and cause per-mature replacement.

Firstly, lets start with a little more information about protector. Modern protective applications are carbon molecules or the combination of carbon molecules to make fabrics more moisture resistant and thus prevent spills becoming permanent stains. There are 2 options on the type of protector that can be applied to your carpets, rugs and furnishings

Water based or Oil/Solvent based.

Why water based and why oil/solvent based protector?

Water based protector - Art of Clean product of choice in most cases - offers the lowest environmental impact. It drys fast and is safe to use on all wet cleanable items.

Oil based or solvent based protector on the other hand can offer a greater protection solution on sensitive fabrics like cotton velvet.  Oil based protective treatments can be ideal for protection of new fabrics and furnishings (if safe for the fabric).

Here are 5 reasons to have protective coatings applied:

1.    Prevent spills and marks penetrating into the fabric and less likely to permanently stain.
The application of protector usually allows for the liquid spill to sit on the surface of the fabric for long enough to quickly wipe it up. Use a kitchen or white cotton towel to dab away.
2.    Dry soiling is easily removed by vacuuming
Dry soil do not stick to the surface of the fibers easily and therefore stay cleaner for longer.
3.    Carpet/furnishings/rug will last longer
Due to dry soiling being easily removed during vacuuming – the dry soil is not present to wear out fibers so easily and therefore help them to last longer
4.    Better cleaning results
The next time you get your fabrics and furnishings cleaned professionally it will respond much better than untreated carpets due to stains and marks not being able to easily adhere to the fabric

All the above benefits can be yours with the application of a protective coating. And, best of all, modern safe fabric protectors do not change the look or the feel of fabrics at all.

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