Friday, 22 August 2014

Carpet cleaning maintenance plan

NHS stared: "Allergens such as house dust mites or fungal spores can be hard to spot and can breed in even the cleanest house"

You may believe that a quick vacuuming of your carpets regularly may be doing enough keep them clean, and a carpet clean is only needed once the carpet has changed colour and looking worn.  However, carpets collect a large amount of dirt and particles which work down deeper into the fabric than you’d believe, movement of the carpet when you walk over it will release the pollen, dust and allergens into the atmosphere in your home.  And if you haven’t used a good allergen protection vacuum cleaner like a Sebo, the allergens are just going to re-circulate into your carpet.

To maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere in your home regular carpet cleaning is a must.

The Carpet Clean Maintenance Plan is an on-going maintenance plan designed to keep your carpets and soft furnishings clean, healthy and looking good all year long, year after year. AND, you may not realise but regular cleaning will help your carpets and soft furnishings last two to three times longer before you need to replace them, meaning you save money in the long run! Though best of all, the carpets will always look good.

You get clean healthy carpets all year – which makes your home healthier!

With Art of Clean Maintenance Plan, you get:

Our Clean & Protect Cleaning Process, the first, initial cleaning and protector treatment at half price!
Yes! Half Price! Your first clean AND protection will cost you less than our regular Clean & Protect Service! (N.B This discount applies only to carpets and, or, furniture included in the programme).

Then,   One Full Cleaning and Protector Treatment every 12 months
(We’ll call you and arrange a convenient time to re- clean and
re-protect all items in the programme).

Plus,    A Free Bottle of Spotter
(When we initially clean and protect the items for you, we’ll leave a free bottle of spotter so that if you should have a mishap and accidentally spill something, then you have the correct spotter to use.)

Plus,    One Free Emergency Spot Removal Visit
(As we said, if you can’t take care of the spot or spill yourself then all you need to do is call us and we’ll come out to you as soon as we can, and do our best to remove it for you. One emergency spot removal visits is free whilst you are a member of the Maintenance Plan.

Also,   20% Discount on any additional work
If you require additional work, which is not included on your Plan, you will receive up to 20% discount.

Check HERE to watch our testimonials

A previous client of our, Anthea Turner from The Perfect Housewife said “I was recommend the ‘Perfect Care’ Maintenance Plan from the ALLTEC SelectTeam as I understand how important cleaning is in the home and as we all lead busy lives I appreciate a great professional, reliable service … and that’s what you get from the SelectTeam members and continued service all year round.”

Art of clean are proud to be a member of ALLTEC select teams, if you would like to discuss our services please contact Art of Clean for a chat about our professional services us on 01223 863632 or visit