Friday, 9 May 2014

Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles: The Difference Explained

Ceramic and porcelain tiles may look very much the same but the main difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles is that a porcelain tile is much denser than a 'ceramic' tile. This makes it more hard wearing and less porous and suitable for both interior and exterior use. This extra density is a result of the manufacturing process and materials used to produce these tiles.

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In comparison to Porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles are recommended for interior walls and floors that are a more common choice for floors that anticipate heavier traffic. Porcelain tiles has a greater resistance to scratching and chipping. The ideal areas to install porcelain tiles include areas such as kitchen floors, entrances and the majority of commercial premises. Due to their low water absorption, porcelain tiles make a great choice for outdoor use.

In general, porcelain tiles has colour that runs right through the entire tile. These are known as 'through-body' porcelain tiles. Therefore, in addition to them being very hard wearing, any wear or chips to the tile will be well hidden in or on the tile.

Just like ceramic tiles, some porcelain tiles on the market are also manufactured with a glaze on the face. In this case, despite the body of the tile being hard wearing, the glaze has the same exposure to chipping as the glaze you will find on a ceramic tile. It is therefore more likely for a glazed porcelain tile to show wear and chips.

How to clean Ceramic or porcelain tiles?

These tile types are generally dirt resistant and if they do get dirty a good scrub up with a good quality cleaner brings them up like new (Use Wax and residue remover ) followed by a good application of impregnator sealer ( Stainguard SB )

The real challenge in cleaning Porcelain or Ceramic floors is the cleaning of the grout line on tiles floors like this)

Regular cleaning with Wax and Residue remover will keep on top of it – Remember to apply the correct sealer like – Stainguard SB