Monday, 4 February 2013

How to wash a marble floor

You will require the following:
- 2 compartment mob bucket
- Clean mop
- Cleaning solution - We advise using a near neutral stone floor cleaner and strictly following the dilution rates.
Step 1
Make the cleaning solution mix in the one side of your 2 compartment mop bucket. On the other side – The side where you will wring your mop in – fill it with cold clean water.
Step 2
Place your mop in the clean water and wring the mop head out in the wringer (making sure the clean water in the mop head is wrung into the water only compartment)
Step 3
Dip the mop fingers (about 6 inches into the cleaning solution (note – not the whole mop head!)
Step 4
Wring the mop again a bit to remove excess cleaner
Step 5
Now start mopping your floor and do about 4 foot wide and 4 – 6 foot deep working in a figure 8 motion.
Rinse your mop head in the clean water and repeat step 3 – 5
By following this process you will not contaminate your cleaning solution with the dirt you mop off your marble or stone floor and your floors will stay cleaner for much longer.
If you need any advice on how to clean and protect your marble floor then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.
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