Saturday, 2 February 2013

Antique Persian Rugs Carpets are personal

Antique Persian Rugs are one of the world’s greatest undervalued art forms. A few rugs are from known masters but the vast majority of Antique Persian Rugs are the product of unknown women expressing an ancient art form. There is not a Persian Rug but rather 10,000 different types woven in cities, towns and villages. The distinctions allow experts to “read” where the rug was woven, the language or dialect of the weaver, and often her religion. Persian Rugs are as multifaceted as the Persian people themselves.

Because of their unique nature Art of clean specialise in giving specialist rugs the very best of care. Pre-inspection is very important as it brings to our attention anything which we may feel needs to be mentioned prior to cleaning and it enables  us to adapt our cleaning process to match you rug.

At Art of clean one of the thing our expertise in rug cleaning demands that you know is that many hand knotted rugs will have an inconsistent dying pattern known as Abrash. This is due to the rug pile being knotted with wool which has been dyed in different batches. These batches will have slight irregularities in the way they are dyed and so colour variations occur.

Abrash will always show in straight horizontal sections. It may not be visible when the rug is dirty as the subtle variations in colour can be disguised. Abrash is not a defect in the rug and does not devalue it. It is a natural characteristic of the rug which many people would argue actually enhances its beauty. In fact some machine made rugs are even given a false Abrash look to give them added charm and a more natural appearance.