Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Art of Clean at Temple Newsam in Leeds - Rugs

We visited Temple Newsam and it was a great experience. Leeds City Council bought it from Lord Halifax in 1922.

We saw some beautiful rugs,paintings and tapestries.

Amazing needle work armchair that is made from colored wools and silk with panels showing biblical scenes.

It is amazing to look at real old items like this and wonder... how did they keep it clean so many years ago... They must have done a great job as we have the privilage of still visiting places like Temple Newsam and admire these items.

Many of them show their age but I am asure a lot of the things we fill our houses with these days wil not stand the test of time as these items have done.

Key to achieving this is the teams of people that take care of these places.

We had the pleasure of meeting the team at Temple Newsam.

It was amazing listerning to the stories they had to tell to the groups of visitors while we where there.

The Scouts and Guides clearly had a good time

Looking forward to our next visit