Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Cleaning Sandstone flooring

The past few weeks we have seen 2 big sandstone jobs. Both of the areas where kitchens and with kitchens comes one big challenge and that is the oil build up that comes from cooking. It is also one of the most used rooms in the house and therefore a lot of foot traffic tracks a lot of dirt in.

Inappropriate cleaning regimes or pure neglect combined with inappropriate or sometimes no sealer on the floor can make home owners eventually give up on cleaning of the floor.

By following a few simple guidelines you can have a everlasting beautiful floor.

Here would be my first bit of advice:


Yes you heard me right - you will find yourself spending a lot of money buying all sorts of "cures" for your dirty floor. You will spend hours on your hands and knees to try and revive your floor. In particular with a sandstone floor - YOU WILL BE WAISTING YOUR TIME.

Using the right products would not be the only requirement for achieving your goal - you will also need the right equipment.

I would advise you use your money wisely and employ a professional to deep clean your floor and apply a professional sealer to the floor - PLEASE NOTE - ON SANDSTONE YOU WILL NEED BETWEEN 3 AND 6 COATS OF SEALER. If the cleaner you employ only applies one coat of sealer you are not employing a professional.

Once your floor is cleaned and sealed you can start KEEPING IT CLEAN.

Do the following:

1. ALWAYS clean the floor with a clean mop.
2. After the clean - rinse out the mop - fill the mop bucket with clean water and
"rinse/wash" the floor one last time.
This helps to lift off any dirty residue and soap/cleaning solutions.
3. Be strict with how often you wash the floor.

Get your professional cleaner in as soon as you see the floor start showing a build-up of dirt. This will happen especially on sandstone. Expect to have it cleaned proficiently in about 6 to 18 months time depending on wear on the floor and how well you look after it.