Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Soot and pollutants from Littleport fire now on your carpet and soft furnishings

Following the fire at Murfitt Industries, off Wisbech Road, near Littleport many residents in the eras will start experiencing a build-up of the airborne pollutants that will now settle on the furnishings and carpets in their homes.

A few tips on how to restore and maintain your carpets following the incident:

1. Keep windows and doors shut till well after the fire has been put out
2. Make full use of walk off mats at doorways to prevent the spread of the pollutants into your home. Remember this debris has settled on all levels outside your home and now stick to your feet and on your clothes and skin as you enter your home.
3. Ensure pets are groomed and cleaned as they will also help treading the dirt and pollutants in from outside.
4. Increase your vacuuming of carpets, furnishings and rugs to at least every other day.
5. Empty your vacuum cleaner bag before it reaches the half full level.
6. Use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner
7. Get all carpets and soft furnishings and rugs professionally cleaned by Art of Clean. (Our current special offer as advertised on Star Radio is Buy 2 rooms and get a 3rd room (smallest) FREE call us on 01223655656