Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How to clean Dralon?

Fashion from a by-gone era....BACK!

Don't remember Dralon? Ask your Mum. Still not getting it?

Dralon is an artificial fibre developed in the 1950's to be useful across a range of fashions, upholstery, work wear, furniture, etc. The benefit of a manufactured/developed fibre over a naturally occurring one is durability and overall usefulness.

What makes Dralon such a good fabric? Cleaning and durability.

When it comes to cleaning your Dralon sofa or chairs there is one thing to be wary of, above all else, 

cleaning dralon with Art of CleanArt of clean has had much experience working with furniture upholstered in Dralon fabric, the results are always very successful due to the nature of the fabric.

A regular general clean will keep your furniture looking good and help the fabric last longer. Here’s a brief explanation of how to clean Dralon:

• Brush the fabric with a soft brush to loosen any dust and dirt
• Then give it a through vacuuming throughout
• To remove light grease and dirt marks, particularly around armrests and headrest, apply an upholstery cleaning product with a clean cloth, working it in to the affected area gently – try to blot rather than rub the material.
• Then brush the fabric to restore the texture and leave it to dry.

Another Note: if there are creases, you can do away with them by simply brushing the area with a damp cloth. The pesky dent or crease will rise.

Remember, not all cleaning jobs are fun and few are as easy as a 'How To' guide makes them seem. If you're in any doubt, call the Professionals.

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