Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Patio and decking cleaning transformation in Milton - Cambridge

We all know the weather is on the turn, for the better. As we welcome summer in to our lives we also welcome the long warm evenings and the chance to entertain family and friends with a good old barbecue.

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting out on the lovely patio or decking while the smell of the barbecue wafts around the garden? Your favourite chosen tipple in hand and your favourite people by your side having a good laugh. If they’re not laughing, tell a joke. Why did the skeleton go to a BBQ? For the spare ribs! Haha!

You may look at your patio or decking and think it hasn’t fared too well over the winter. It’s looking a little sorry for itself, a bit green, a bit slippery when damp, maybe just not as appealing as when you first paid all that money to have it installed.

patio cleaning cambridge

Do these pictures ring any bells?

This can happen over time with a build up from winter; water sits on it and encourages growth of Algae, Liverworts, Lichen and Moss.

Once we have cleaned your patio we can apply a sealer so that once you start your own maintenance it will be much easier to keep it looking fresh.

Have a look below for some handy gardening tips from the Royal Horticultural Society to give your patio the best chance.

So it’s all well and good showing you some sad looking patios. We all know what one of those looks like as we emerge our bleary eyes from the slumbers of mild hibernation. Let’s show you some of the fantastic transformations from our team members Joao and Gavin and yes our managing director Pierre even went out for a day of fun.

patio cleaning cambridge

Look at these amazing transformations! If you have read my last blog you will know that I am still quite new to the business. You can read my previous blog here.

Every day when the team return and show me the pictures of what they have done I am absolutely amazed at what they can do.

Some people think it is as easy enough to do it yourself by borrowing the neighbour’s pressure washer. There is so much more to it than just blasting the muck away.

Our technicians attend regular training to make sure they can deliver Art of Clean's mission statement: To Provide the Most Outstanding Service Experience! In order to be able to honour this they have to keep up to date with the latest information on techniques, products and machinery.

You can rest assured that all of our machinery is maintained to the highest level by our repairs and maintenance coordinator so we will never let you down.

Of course, this is just the patio, what about the decking?

Once you have bought your lovely new decking from a reputable retailer in Cambridge you will want to keep it well looked after.  We can help you with this, from applying sealers, cleaning and free advice on any queries you may have about your decking.

Our lovely customer in Cambridge gave us a call as she knows we are careful and thoughtful of her working ponds and all her lovely ornaments in her garden too.

decking cleaning cambridge

decking cleaning cambridge

Now let’s get back to the vision, set the scene, you have invited your nearest and dearest round for the barbeque, it’s smouldering gently in the corner with the sausages browning, glass of wine/beer in hand.

Children playing quietly (ha, who am I kidding) and everyone with a big sunny smile on their faces and you can be satisfied your patio, hard floors and decking are looking amazing under foot!

Happy summer time to all of our customers, from everyone at Art of Clean. Please don’t hesitate to call us 01223 863632 or check out the website full of useful information. We will do all in our power to help you.

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