Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Leather and upholstery cleaning in Cambridge

Who has had a leather suit for a long time? Or know someone who has? On a new suit, time could pass (and don’t we all know how time flies), when you first get your seating you may keep up with the maintenance of it for some time but then life can quickly creep up. It is easy to wipe it over and it look good again. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get some professionals round to clean it and it look GREAT again?

Leather is one of those funny ones that you get it and it looks amazing, over time you don’t notice the build-up of general grime, there are various types of leather that your suit could be made from, our experienced team can determine what type of leather you have, they will also note the level of soiling and what the soil is. It could be that something has been spilt and marked it or that it is general grease from every day use.

Before our team commence cleaning they will assess to see if any cleaning or repairs have been done before, this will give them an insight as to how best to look after your items.

We received a phone call from one of our clients in Cambridge that had his leather sofa for a long time. He also had some dining chairs that he wanted us to clean at the same time. A few before pictures will show you.
A few pictures from before the clean, you can see the build-up of grease from general day to day use.

leather cleaning cambridge

I absolutely love seeing the work our team do, and another bonus of being in the office is that I get the pleasure of speaking to the clients who are just as amazed as me, impressed and very gratful that their money has been well spent on providing their much loved belongings with a new lease of life.

Have a look for yourself.

leather cleaning cambridge

As you can see, all the leather is noticeably cleaner, fresher and looking as good as new.

The customer also had many of these dining room chairs that had alsorts spilled on them over time, you can imagine all the food and drink that gets dropped during a busy meal time.
If you have read any of my previous blogs you will know that I am always stunned at the work our team do.

This was no exception..

dining chair cleaning in cambridge

Like I said earlier, there are many different types of leather, all require different handling. We have the experience in all types to know how best to care for your items. Our technician regularly attend training so they are always up to date with the most up to date techniques and products on the market.
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