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Fine Rug Cleaning Training at Art of Clean in Cambridge

With the increase of mass produces rugs in China and India as well as many other countries there has been a steady decline in the traditional fine rug weaving .

rug training cambridge
rug training cambridgeSadly the rug cleaning industry have seen its fair share of cleaning firms that wish to make some fast money by offering fine rug cleaning even though they are not educated in the right and safe care for these fine art items.

The opportunity to learn more about fine rug cleaning and care is not a regular occurrence here in the UK.

Art of Clean was honored when the Woolsafe organization in the UK chose us to host the highly sought after training event. Due to the tools, experience and  knowledge we have here at Art of Clean we are proud to share that we have been chosen to host the rug cleaning event.

The course was presented by Ruth Travis from Colorado in America. Know as The Rug Lady, Ruth offers her vast knowledge of rug care to those that wish to expand on their knowledge about fine rugs and the correct way to clean and care for them.

The 3 day Rug Cleaning event covered Rug Construction, Rug ID, repairs, Chemistry and cleaning to mention but a few.

The class of 12 Students also had the opportunity to take the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Clean and Restoration Certification) exam at the end of the class. Once passed this is a internationally recognised qualification. Art of Clean is pleased to have had 3 of our team members attending the class.

As a IICRC certified firm Art of Clean has made a commitment to continued education for all it's team members. This ensures all Art of Clean staff remains on the very front edge of what is happening in the cleaning industry and we can serve our clients much better.

What to look for when choosing a rug cleaning firm?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing who you will entrust your fine rug to when getting it cleaned:

Will the firm offer you a guarantee - if you feel unsatisfied with the service experience will they offer you a refund.

Do they get referred by reputable retailers ? Have they done more exclusive work? How long have they been in the business of rug cleaning. - watch out that a ordinary carpet cleaner does not necessary have the right knowledge and experience to clean rugs

Education and Experience
When last did they attend a industry recognised training event. Doing something for many years without training only means it is highly likely they  have been doing it wrong for many years. Recognised training is essential

Ask the firm you plan on using what cleaning systems they will use. Some important equipment required for the safe cleaning of fine rugs include -

- Dry soil removal - a vibrating machine (not a vacuum cleaner) to loosen the embedded soils and a air dusting tool to blow out soils from between the fibers
- A cleaning batch - this is where the rug gets saturated and cleaned. Some small firms will simply take rugs away and clean it on their driveways.
- Centrifuge - this removes 95 - 98  % of water from the rug after cleaning. It nearly remove the risk of mould growth and colour migration.
- Rug drying room: Temperature and humidity controlled to speed up the drying of rugs. This is essential

We trust the information above helps you choose the right firm to clean your fine rug

rug training cambridge

rug training cambridge

rug training cambridge

rug training cambridge

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