Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What is the meaning of Parquet?

Parquet is the laying of small blocks of wood in a geometric pattern for the purpose of decoratively covering a floor.

The word is of old French origin, thought to be a derivative of Parchet - meaning Park, ie. a small enclosed space.  Parquet differs from the generic term of wood floor due to its artistic design and use of small pieces of wood to create a pattern.

There are a number of styles of Parquet that range in artistic design and difficulty.  To lay a parquet floor takes craftsmanship and skill which is why even the most simple of designs prove to be quite a challenge to a DIY floor layer. 

The most notable designs are the Herringbone arrangement and the basket design, however there is a huge spectrum of possibilities that people explore that yield absolutely stunning results.

Here are the basic parquet designs


This is an example of herringbone parquet

Here you can see a creative take on herringbone parquet

Below is a beautiful and seemingly simple miss-match of wood blocks of different size and colour, making a truly stunning take on the herringbone design

Another fantastic take on the herringbone style of parquet

A geometric parquet design

This geometric parquet has cleaverly used different colored wood to create a 3D effect

Below is a feat of true parquet artistry

Art of Clean are proud of their team of highly skilled technicians who often perform parquet restoration in beautiful old homes throughout Cambridgeshire.

See our previous blog here of work carried out on a parquet floor in Cambridge: http://artofcleanuk.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/what-find-beautiful-parquet-floor-found.html


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