Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Does your rug need to be clean before storing, transporting or shipping?

GREAT NEWS Honey! Our visas has been approved and we can finally get things ready for the move!

In exciting times like this you will unlikely think of smaller details like how your precious had knotted rugs will experience the journey to the new home far far away.

You have invested so much in these lovely rugs not to mention the time and sentimental value - The last thing is you want to expose them to harm though very few people think of storing transporting or shipping rugs correctly and only learn from their mistakes and then it is too late.

Having your fine handmade and area rugs thoroughly cleaned before storing or transport is very important and here is why:

Dirt build ups in rugs acts as a food source for bacteria and insects thus form the perfect environment for them to multiply.

Urine turns alkaline once dry and the bacteria that breaks it down produce alkaline gas in this process and this can case damage to the fabric of the rug.

This can be the perfect breeding ground for carpet moth as you do not know what your rug comes in contact with wile in storage or on the journey to your new home.

This is a rug we discovered stored in a cupboard for months - We did not know what we will find inside - our discovery shocked us to the core - see it for yourself

We have heard and seen countless horror stories of clients finding their inheritance or a cherished family heirloom rug, totally destroyed from bad storage procedures.

Rugs are unrolled and found riddled with moth or rodent holes, covered with mildew damage, moisture caused by dye migrations, or worse yet – pet urine or faeces stains that have faded the dyes and are set forever because the rugs were stored dirty and in uncontrolled heated storage environments.

DO NOT wrap your rugs in plastic. DO wrap your rugs in TYVEK or brown acid-free PAPER. Wool has a moisture content even when it is dry, so changes in heat can cause it to “sweat.”  Because of this you should NEVER wrap wool rugs in plastic or you will create a potential mildew problem.  Tyvek Paper is best (tear and water resistant).

Here is what to look out for when choosing a rug cleaning company:

How do they clean the rug?

Will they use an effective measure to remove dry soil from the rug (a commercial vacuum cleaner or a knock-off rug duster that they built themselves one Sunday afternoon is not the correct piece of equipment up to the task) - If they claim to have this equipment have you seen evidence of this - Maybe multiple videos or photos with them in the picture (careful that some so called rug cleaners attend a one day course take multiple pictures and videos while on the course posing with equipment only to return and clean rugs using a standard carpet cleaning machine)

When saturate cleaning (where the rug is submersed in water) will they have a centrifuge spinner to remove most of the water and hang it in a purpose built rug drying room - or do they clean it in their garage or on their driveway.

Do the rug cleaner offer an alternative means to wrap your rug (in Tyvek) when you mention you will be storing or transporting the rug? If not you need to ask yourself if they are truly the company for you.

Careful when wrapping the rug with moth repellent products inside the rug. This should not come in direct contact with the rug fibres as it can be harmful to your rug - Wrap moth repellent inside a cotton towel and then wrap this in the rug

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