Thursday, 29 December 2016

Oak engineered wood floor - Deep cleaning and oiling

We will clean the floor by means of a special wood cleaning rotary system. (We will use different pads to remove as much dirt as possible). This is then followed by the application of 2 coats of hard wax oil onto your wooden floor. Please be aware that with the clean option, we will not be able to remove scratches.

If scratches are deep in the wooden of floor, we will recommend to have the floor sanded. Click HERE for more information.

To preserve the wood as best as possible we would clean and finish your floors using Pallmann Magic Oil-    Please find more information on this amazing product here - and here is the link to the application process we will use - Please note that we will apply hard wax oil to retain the colour and finish of your current floor.

Two applications of hard wax oil on your wooden floor will deliver a beautiful natural finish that is moisture and dirt resistant. Be aware that if will take up to 4 hours* for the floor to cure enough to allow light foot traffic. Furniture can only move back 12 hours* after foot traffic has commenced. (Avoid at all cost dragging furniture on a  freshly finished floor surface.)

All rugs to be placed back on the floor no sooner that 14 days after our work has been completed.
* Curing and drying time depends on weather conditions and air flow

What are the benefits of hard wax oil:
- No VOC
- Easy to apply and easy to repair (if one area is worn, we don’t need to sand the whole area, just sand the concerned area and the oil will be re-applied and blended in.)
- Excellent permeation
- Natural look finish
- Hard resistance
- Shorter application and curing time (meaning you get access to your floors much quicker)

Oak before cleaning and oiling cambridge
Oak before cleaning and oiling

Oak after deep cleaning
Oak after deep cleaning

Oak after deep cleaning and oiling with pallmann
Oak after deep cleaning and oiling with Pallmann

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