Thursday, 20 October 2016

Prepare your subfloor for new floor installing

installing wooden floor in cambridge
Preparing your sub-floor before laying you new floor is key to ensure a smooth instillation.  If your foundations aren't right you could end up with the floor being wonky, unstable and unsupportive.

See how to prepare your subfloor here:

1. Level out your floor:

 This is a crucial preparation, a wonky base will make for a wonky or sagging floor.  Use a spirit level to check the floor at different points and in different directions.
"A good guideline is that only 3/16 inch (4.7 mm) of height variation is permissible per 10 feet (3 m) of floor length."  (
High spots can be sanded down and low spots can be filled with a leveling compound - but do be aware that if you are nailing down top floor leveling compound may not be advisable as the nails may crack it....check with the manufacturer for the required subfloor surface.

2.  Check the moisture levels:

Moisture can affect wood flooring from causing some creaking and squeaking to more seriously damage floors which would be a huge disaster after you've just forked out so much to get them installed.  Check the moisture levels in the floor with moisture test kit.  If the floor has a high Relative Humidity (HR) you must take steps to rectify this, talk to your flooring supplier for the best solution.

See our previous blog for more information on How to Stop Sub-Floor Moisture From Damaging Your New Wood Floor

3.  Clean the area thoroughly:

Vacuum the area to remove all loose debris and dust to make a stable ground to work on.  If you are using adhesive to lay your floor this is especially important as the adhesive needs full contact with the subfloor to make it stable and secure.  It is also important to remove any previous adhesives and paint to increase contact.

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