Saturday, 20 August 2016

Shedding Rug? No Problem!

This time of year rugs take a hit, kids running in and out of the garden, parties of course if the weathers allowing. You might notice the dreaded fuzz of your rug starting to happen. So how can you combat that?

Research your rug
Rugs come in all different shapes sizes colour and pile. This can all affect the care that your rug will need. A lighter colour will need more cleaning is that what you want? Many think thicker the rug the better the quality but this isn’t always the case. For instance, a low maintenance a short pile rug will generally last longer and be easier to care for. Where is your rug going, will it have furniture on top of it? The longer the pile rug the more it will be crushed. Also to bear in mind a longer pile rug is more prone to getting caught in the vacuum cleaners head. Of course there is the option to have a non-shedding rug

So you’ve chosen you rug what next?

Rake your Rug
Yes, that’s right you can purchase a rug rake. Some people might say use a pet brush and while you can just be careful in case it pulls up fibers. It might feel silly but can really help the condition of your rug and the longevity of it.

Rug underlay
Dirt and moths aren’t the only damage that can happen to your rug. The general footfall that your rug will encounter does take its toll and a rug underlay helps the fibers being crushed. Also it can prevent any dye transfer that could occur. Can also help with shedding that is caused with foot traffic.

You can buy

Vacuum it the correct way
When your rug starts to shed you might want to get the hoover out straight away but that’s not the best thing. In fact, all your special attachments will probably pull more fibers out of your rug. The best way to vacuum your rug is to use the lowest setting with no brushes on the head.

Lastly getting your rug cleaned professionally is paramount. No matter how much water you put on the rug to clean it, the water has to be extracted out. This will avoid dye bleed, shrinkage, odor, mold, mildew and damage to the structure of your rug. It’s always safer for your rug to have it professionally cleaned by someone who has been trained and understands the structure, fiber and cleaning techniques. For more expertise information visit