Thursday, 18 August 2016

Aunty Glady’s tips for sending your darling to University in Cambridge

Aunty Glady’s tips for sending your darling to University in Cambridge

So they’ve studied hard and now your little angel is off to uni and here are some little tips to pass them on and to save you sending food parcels and getting their entire wardrobe to wash every time they visit

Now assuming that they are in uncaterered halls then, basic cooking skills are paramount living on pot noodles does no one any favours.
A big shock for a lot of students is a gas oven but it’s easy once you know how
Frozen veg! its goes with most dishes, won’t go off and gives you vital vitamins you need to keep that brain ticking over.
Pasta, lentils, pulses are great cupboard staples that can fill out any meal
Soya products are a great meat alternative and healthier and also in the freezer
Cooking journal is a really sweet way to help if they get home sick. Fill it with their favourite recipes.
Cooking and eating as a group is great way to meet new people and also saves on the pennies

They don’t need a full set of crockery or cutlery and if they only get 2 of each thing more excuse to do the washing up!
Let’s be honest they are going to do as little as possible so basic cleaning wipes and dust wipes a are probably best and easiest.
Fairy, now everyone knows they are famous for their washing up liquid but it’s not suitable for the washing machine no matter how much cheaper it would be.
Colour catchers, now this might seem excessive but it saves having to buy them lots of new clothes with every wash.
Towels and bed sheets; they only need one and a spare the less they take the less you have to help them move.
Do not pour everything down the kitchen sink it will clog and if regularly happens you may be charged a fine.

Always have toilet paper it sounds silly but honestly could be your hall mate’s life saver
A mini flu kit, for when the dreaded fresher flu hits. Some flu powder, ibuprofen, paracetamol, vitamin c tablets some viks and cough sweets and tissues.
A thermos for when there in the library late studying
Extension lead there are NEVER enough sockets
Cards or a board game it’s a great way to make friends and also when your all brokeM

Mini Cambridge guide
Food you have to try Fitzbilles for tea and cake, Smoke works has some amazing food to try Bread and Meat do a decent Sunday roast.
Kettles yard is a nice place for afternoon of culture and something different
A punt along the backs is a must for any new Cambridge student
There are some lovely pubs like the Millpond, the Tram depot and the Pickerel
Cambridge is great for shopping but if you want to find the smaller boutiques try Rose crescent Green street and Kings parade.

Most importantly study hard and enjoy your it will go so quick!

Aunty Gladys x