Friday, 5 August 2016

Advanced floor sanding Training with Ultimate Floor sanding

Advanced floor sanding Training with Ultimate Floor sanding

As proud affiliates to Ultimate Floor sanding the Art of Clean Wood Floor Sanding team attended an advanced wood floor restoration Training course at Flooring Skills in Birmingham. -

As Ultimate Floor Sanding affiliates we understand the importance of continual education. As technology progress we educate our self to serve our clients better.
To deliver our mission to “Provide the most outstanding service experience ever” to each one of our clients we dedicate some time every year for learning new skills.

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What did we learn at the training?

- Understanding Moisture in Wood floors.
- Identifying wood species.
- Wood floor installation methods.
- Wood Floor Repairs including Junkers
- Application of colours and stains to wood floors.
- Special treatment to wood floors – Texturing. This is a method used if the floor needs to have a more textured finish. In most cases floors are sanded down and the surface is left flat and smooth. By using the brushed effect, the wood floor surface, it left with a more natural feel.

Art of Clean can now offer this service.
wood floor sanding cambridge uk
Wood floor Sanding using the Pallmann Spider floor sander. The most advanced floor sanding machine on the market today.
We Then discussed Aftercare for Wood floors including Pallmann Finish Care Stop, a great aftercare product for non slip wood floors. -

The use of Palmann Magic Oil Care – A easy way to get your oiled wood floors to look their best and even carry out minor repairs if the oiled finish gets damaged. -

We would like to thank Terry Guildford and Jochen Röck (That flew in all the way from Germany) as well as Mike Hamer

It was a great day and we truly appreciate your support

wood floor sanding cambridge uk