Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Is it about time you got that split in the carpet repaired?

Do you have a tear or has your carpet split?  Well, look no further and call Art of Clean for a free quote.  This week the Art of Clean team were in Cambridge repairing old radiator holes and a split in a carpet.

Our client had a very good quality woven Brintons carpet and recently had a refurbishment and some radiators were removed and placed in different areas in the home and instead of coming through the carpet the pipes came through the wall.  And for that reason, our clients were left with old holes in the carpet where the pipes used to come through the floor.

Art of Clean Cambridge UK

This was very unsightly and the client had even considered having a very large room re-carpeted but luckily the client consulted with Art of Clean. 

Art of Clean Cambridge UK

Following on from a training course in repairing reinstallation by the IICRC training received in Kansas USA, Art of Clean is now qualified to carry out repairs in a case like this.

It took us a few days to locate the type of carpet and source some pieces to carry out the repair but with the extremely helpful advice from Carpet Mill in Cambridge, we were able to locate a piece of carpet to do the repair with.

Art of Clean Cambridge UK

To carry out a professional repair some very advanced equipment is required in this case we purchased a Koolglide machine as well as specialist cutting tools.

The Koolglide helps by heating the carpet tape after it was placed under the carpet - the traditional way of doing repairs like this was messy as the glue was heated while the carpet was the exposed.

In the photos, you can see where we cut pieces out and replaced them with new pieces.  In some light you will find the new piece to be a little brighter as it is a brand-new carpet but compare it to the all the carpet that you still have on the floor and overtime this will blend in.

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