Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Interior design masterclass | Art of Clean

At some point in our lives we've all been involved in interior design, and fortunately for some lucky people they get paid to do it as their day job, as us mere mortals have to satisfy ourselves with a walk around Homebase or John Lewis (which is just as exciting looking at all the new product ranges) picking out fabrics and plug sockets.  

"Do you ever walk into to a room and think about what it could be?"

If you answered yes to that question, deep down you could be an interior designer and just not know it yet.  With this interior design masterclass, it could be time to unleash those hidden talents and set yourself free with those colour paint charts.  

The key to great design is you don’t see everything at once.  If you think about baking a cake, it’s a recipe, where you have to add all the different ingredients one at a time or you can mix some bits together into the pot, which will then help create the overall cake or effect, as we’re talking about room design and not really about baking cakes.

Each designer has their own individual approach and style, that’s how they stand out from each other.  Some like to design with colour schemes, such as creams and whites, where as other designers use fabric as their source of inspiration and design.  With just adding a splash of colour, you instantly have a harmonious composition.

Art of Clean professional cleaning company, Cambridge

Last week, I wrote about whitewashed floorboards and how the style originated in Scandinavia and then over the decades designers have adopted the look because it works so well with contemporary and antique furniture.  And that is the same where you have a minimalist room and antique sideboard.  And beautiful pieces of art in modern interiors.  That’s one of the joys of designing, the approach you take can be about mix and match contrasting styles.

We all like a cosy room and cosy rooms tend to be the smallest room in the house.  Somewhere where we can snuggle up in a lock ourselves away.  If you want to make a room look bigger is to make it look lighter. 

Other mistakes are putting small furniture in a small room will accentuate the size of the room and make it look even smaller.  This of course is fine, if that is the look you are going for.  But using oversized furniture, like lamp shades or central pendant fittings will make the room look larger.

If you are on a small budget or don’t want necessarily want to change the whole room, then some cheaper alternatives would be to think about adding interesting ornaments, such as row of vases or a different rug or even an uplighter behind a sofa to give a more contrasting appearance.  

Art of Clean professional cleaning company, Cambridge

And if you want to be really decadent about your interior design then think about it in a way that you’re living on a stage and all these tips are providing you with the perfect home environment for you to live your life in.

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