Tuesday, 26 April 2016

How do I create a home office work space?

Whether you’re a home hobbyist or you run your business from home.  It is vital that the space we have for ourselves is created to ensure the best working environment.

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But with our busy lives, children to look after and juggling work commitments it might seem like having a dedicated functional office space, could be a figment of your wildest imagination when you have so much more to do, like keeping the home clean but it doesn’t have to be.

What is required for home office?

First of all, choose an upbeat colour to paint the walls, you don’t want to feel to serine and feel like you’re going to take a nap all day whilst you’re working.  Choose fresh and upbeat colours, something that will give you energy and allows you to be really productive.  For example, if you choose a yellow because it’s bright and energetic but you personally don’t like yellow, then that could be counter-productive.

Art of Clean Cambridge

The correct furniture is fundamentally important.  If you’re going to be sitting all day (on average we sit at our desks for 8 hours a day) then investing in an ergonomic chair will save you from problems in the future, such as leg and lower back pain.

Natural light can cause you to have good energy.  Working in a room with no natural light is not normal and will cause far fatigue. If you’re working all the time looking at a computer and then being able to look further away out of a window and not just at a wall will help with your eyes.  As with most homes we have a mixture of daylight and task lighting is a good for your wellbeing.  Task lighting is your common angle poise lamp.

Having lots of storage isn’t an excuse just to stuff all your loose paperwork where you can’t see it.  Working from home takes dedication and being super tidy, so lots of filing systems. 
one of the best things about being able to work from home is modern technology.  Computers and laptops have become smaller and compact and as we’re becoming a more paperless society, our documents and photos are stored online and we can get access where ever we are in the world.

But as with any home office, there is still a certain amount of electrical equipment such as phones and lamp cords that have cables.  As with having lots of storage there are brilliant ways to hide cords and if you don’t hide them, they are likely to become a visual distraction and you’ll spend most of your time not working but tidying.

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