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3 Simple tips to redesigning your home | Art of Clean

Now the warmer weather and longer days have arrived, generally our thoughts turn to doing those jobs around the house such as interior decorating but if you don’t want the upheaval of a full redecoration, here are some great simple tips for changing the style of your room which you can do yourself.

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If you have carpets on the floor, either you can call in a professional cleaning company to give them a good clean, which will leave them smelling fresh and clean, alternatively if you think your carpet is looking past its best, lift up a corner and take a look underneath.  If you find floorboards, get them sanded and sealed by a professional floor sanding company and then put a rug down.  It will dramatically change the look, feel and aspect of the room.  

Handmade rugs are particularly on-trend at the moment in the interior design world and with Cambridge at the forefront of UK fashion trends, there is no better time to purchase a new rug.

Contrasting colours and asymmetric patterns are becoming increasingly common in modern homes across Cambridge and that means it's important to know how to care for them. Of course, there's no substitute for a professional rug cleaning service, but to maintain your lovely rug to look as good as possible you should be aware of the following points:

Avoid Moisture: Water is handmade rug's worst enemy and you should avoid spillages as much as possible. Of course, accidents happen, but the key to maintaining a handmade rug is to dry it as soon as comes into contact with moisture. Doing this will keep it fresh and looking great for years to come. 

Rotation is Crucial: Wear, tear and sunlight can play havoc with a handmade rug and to properly look after it you need to keep it moving. Rotating a handmade rug is the key to avoiding fading and uneven scuffs.

Underlay that Protect: Handmade rugs offer a plush surface to walk on and to properly care for it you need to return the favour with some underlay. Protecting a rug from hard surfaces using underlay will not only give your carpet some extra lift but extend its lifespan. 


Lighting is crucial for a room.  In the living room take away the side tables and have free standing lights or you could get small uplighters and put them by the curtain and they will light up the ceiling and that will give it a whole new look.

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Colour of the walls

And the next thing you could do is change the colour of the walls. According to HouseBeautiful magazine, current interior wall paint trends for 2016, will be lilacs and purples, milky blues, dark teals and my favourite neutrals paired with jewel tones.

Caring for a handmade rug takes time, effort but, ultimately with the help of a professional, it will be easier for you. In addition to following our three steps to interior design, you should find a professional rug cleaning and floor sanding company in Cambridge to provide regular treatment for your prized possession.
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