Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How to keep your commercial carpets clean with minimal disruption

At Art of Clean, we understand keeping your carpets clean and usable 24 hours a day and 7 days a weeks, might seem like a 'big ask' but by following these simple maintenance guidelines, we'll help you keep its appearance tidy in premises such as hotels, schools, offices and restaurants. This can be a challenge so find below the 8 top tips that will help you to achieve it:

1-      Keep your parking areas, pavement and exterior areas clean all the time and less dirt will end up inside the building. To be honest more than 90 % of dirt on in-door carpets is tracked in on show soles. The carpets will get dirty where people walk.

2-      Good quality walk-off mats should be place at all entrances

3-      Vacuum the carpet daily is one of the most important things to do.

4-      Choosing the right vacuum cleaner that combines brushing/vacuuming is required. We recommend Sebo. This is also very important to ensure your vacuum cleaners are well maintained. (Check belt, beater bar, brush agitators, vacuum bags and filter.)

5-      Spend more time to vacuum and clean the ground floor areas as dirt will come from outside. The more you clean there, the less it is needed on the upper floors.

6-      Clean lift daily to avoid dirt going to upper floors

7-      Since the best time to clean spots is immediately, establish a simple spot removal programme.

8-      Have a carpet maintenance plan in place for a professional to clean and maintain the carpet weekly, monthly or quarterly

commercial carpet cleaning before

commercial carpet cleaning after

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